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Xbox Series S

  • 1440p HDR Gaming
  • Up to 120 fps in Supported Games
  • 512GB Custom NVMe SSD
  • Smart Delivery
  • Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac)
  • HDMI 2.1 | USB Type-A
  • Xbox Wireless Controller Included

KSh 55,000.00KSh 65,000.00


Xbox Series S Price in Kenya

The Xbox Series S price in Kenya is Ksh. 55,000 (512GB) and Ksh.65,000 (ITB).  This play console is the smallest digital gaming package that does not require a disk. You can access thousands of games with fast-loading speeds and easy control. The console supports up to 120FPS thanks to the large custom NVMe SSD that supports 512GB or 1TB. Surround yourself with rich sound while experiencing clear and well-detailed visuals thanks to the 3D Spatial audio supported by Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision. The console comes with a wireless controller designed to offer you comfort and full control of your game. The Xbox Series S is available in Black and White. Get yours today at PhonePrice Kenya.

Xbox Series S Specifications

Feature Specification
Brand Microsoft
Model Xbox Series S
Type Gaming Console
Price Ksh.55,000-Ksh.65,000
Weight 1.92kg
Dimensions 2.55 x 5.94 x 10.82 inches
Internal Storage Custom 512TB or 1TB PCle Gen 4 NMVe SSD
Expandable Storage ITB Seagate
Memory Bandwidth 8GB @224GB/s, 2GB@56GB/s
I/O Throughput 2.4GB/s Raw, 4.8GB/s compressed
CPU 8x core AMD Zen 2 Cores at 3.8GHz
Disk Drive No support
Controller Wireless with Textured triggers
Video Output Low latency HDMI 2.1
Audio Dolby TrueHD with Atmos

3D spatial audio

Colors Carbon Black, White


The Xbox Series S comes in a minimalistic design, one of the smallest gaming consoles today. It measures 2.55 x 5.94 x 10.82 inches and weighs 1.92 kg.  Microsoft created a digital version that does not require a disc. The Xbox Series S weighs. Experience a lifelike haptic sense with a comfortable textured controller that gives you a grip for full control of your game.


Get hands-on with the high-precision X-Box wireless controller, a dedicated share button, and better ergonomics. The controller is geometrically sculptured to enhance comfort thanks to the textured triggers and bumpers and comes with a Hybrid T Pad and button mapping. It supports Bluetooth for pairing and playing, and you can easily switch between devices like the PC, Android, iOS, and Xbox Series.

The controller also has a 3.5mm jack that allows you to connect with compatible devices and enjoy up to 40 hours of gaming.

The Xbox Series S has a custom SSD and low latency, ensuring faster controller and device loading times.

Audio experience

What better way to enjoy gaming than by hearing all the sounds? The Xbo Series S features a 3D spatial sound that creates an immersive real-life experience that lets you dive deeper into your game. The Xbox Series S is the first console to offer games with Dolby Atmos and Doly Vision, which enhance the audio and visual experience.

Cinematic Experience

Digital times mean goodbye to the Blue Ray Disks and welcome soft copy games and movies. The Series S supports 1440p@120FPS with Dolby’s vision for a clear, lifelike cinematic experience. Dive in, immerse yourself in your world, and enjoy what the series S offers, thanks to the custom-made SSD and SoC that provide up to 120FPS gaming. The Series S features a low latency HDM1 2.1 output that allows high-resolution videos with a high refresh rate.  Quickly resume your game from where you left off and enjoy the winnings that come with it. The console also supports 4k movie streaming. Unlock the instant library to access thousands of games as soon as they are released.


The Series S operates within a custom 7nm enhanced SoC that offers optimal performance to ensure you enjoy every minute of gaming or streaming. The console has an 8-core AMD 2 Gen CPU running at 3.8GHz and an AMD RDNA 2 GPU running at 4TFLOPS, [email protected]. These hardware features ensure you get real-time graphic rendering and loading, so you do not miss any moment.


Xbox Series S supports 10GB RAM and 512GB or 1TB PCle Gen 4 NVMe SSD. The storage is expandable by an external 1TB disk, which you can purchase separately. Download the games you need to play offline or later and enjoy them at your convenience.

Battery and Charging

The Xbox Series S has a built-in power supply that takes up to 4 hours to charge fully. On the other hand, the controller uses replaceable AA batteries that can last up to 30 hours.


The Series S supports Wi-Fi connectivity. You need internet connectivity to set up your profile and updates to enjoy what is offered during setup. You can also wirelessly pair your console and controller via Bluetooth to any mobile device, TV, audio device, or PC. Connect your headset directly to your controller using the 3.5mm audio jack and enjoy better sound at a personal level. Compete with your friends at the same place or worldwide via the live gaming platform and win all levels.

Pros and Cons of the Xbox Series S


  • Small, compact design
  • Next-generation gaming support
  • Smooth loading of games
  • Wireless controller included.
  • High capacity and expandable storage
  • Allows quick resume.
  • Wide range of latest game selections
  • Supports several connectivity features like Wi-Fi, BT, and audio jack


  • It does not support Blu-ray discs
  • Expandable storage is costly
  • Target performance only 1440 and not 4k


  • Xbox Series S Console
  • Wireless Controller
  • Ultra-fast HDMI Cable
  • Power cable


The Xbox Series S is designed to make gaming and streaming fun and engaging. It has all the features to fit a modern-day gaming console, with the latest game options presented in clear Dolby and 3D spatial audio. By supporting the digital version and doing away with the Blu-ray disks, you save more money and space. The wireless controller takes the crown, with the textured feel for comfort and easy grip; you have control at your fingertips. If you love gaming in a big way, the Xbox Series S is what you need.


  • Xbox Series X
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Sony PlayStation 5




512GB, 1TB


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