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PlayStation VR2

Brand: PlayStation
Color: PlayStation VR2 (PSVR2)
Model Name: PSVR2
Platform: PlayStation 5, PlayStation
Refresh Rate: 90, 120 Hz
Screen Size: 6 inches

Original price was: KSh 87,000.00.Current price is: KSh 85,500.00.


PlayStation VR2 in Kenya

PlayStation VR2 Price in Kenya is Kes 85,500. The new generation virtual reality set allows you into a whole world of possibilities to explore futuristic realism. The headset is comfortable with adjustable straps and vents, allowing you to lose yourself in the new possibilities. It combines technology, incredible visuals, and the power of PS5 to take you on an adventure from the comfort of your living space. The VR2 comes with DualSense wireless controllers with haptic feedback, triggers, and touch detection, letting you feel every game action. Easily connect with your PS5 console using the USB cable and get playing. Buy the PlayStation VR2 today at PhonePrice Kenya.

PlayStation VR2 Description

Feature Specification
Brand Sony
Model PlayStation VR2
Type Virtual Reality set
Released February 2023, Available
Display Type: OLED

Video frame rate: 120Hz

Color Support: HDR

Features: Intelligent eye tracking

Field of view 1100 over Frensel lens
Controllers Yes,  dual PlayStation VR2 Sense controllers
Controller special features Haptic Feedback

Touch detection

Adaptive Triggers

Weight 5.33lbs
Dimensions 16.88 x 10 x 7.63 in
Platform PlayStation 5
Motion Detection 6DOF
Connectivity ·       USB C

·       3.5mm audio jack

Compatibility PS5 Console
Audio Tempest 3D Audio


The PlayStation VR2 is a smart orb design that enables you to dive into a new world where you can move and make gestures. The VR set lets you intuitively get in and explore your world with up to 4 cameras built into the headset that capture every detail. You do not need to worry about discomfort since the headset has adjustable straps and vents, allowing airflow. The face mask has a light rubber cover that acts as a light shield to allow you to concentrate on the game. There is a USB C cable permanently attached on the lower end, a 3.5mm headphone jack, and small munt holes for snap-on earphones.

PlayStation VR2 Sense technology

Experience the innovative technology that creates realism by capturing emotions through subtle headset vibrations, 3D audio, and intelligent eye-tracking. Combined with finger touch detection, adaptive triggers, and haptic feedback from the controller, you get an immersive life-like experience on a whole different level.

The intelligent eye tracking simulates emotional response from your avatar, enhancing realism and interaction that make gaming more fun.

High-Quality Performance and Visuals

The PlayStation VR2 is engineered to take gaming to higher levels to match current stable and optimal performance needs. It utilizes foveated rendering technology to enhance graphics quality in areas your eyes focus on. This way, you experience immersive and stunning gameplay with stable performance that will leave you satisfied with every minute of it. The PlayStation VR2 allows up to 1100 fields of view and an adjustable Fresnel lens that allows customization of space between lenses to allow you to match eye position for better images.

The PS VR2 lets you experience unique, amazing, and breathtaking futuristic worlds in detail. The headset has optical features that let you in every moment. With two 200×2040 OLED displays, you experience deep 4K HDR visuals up to 120fps, allowing you to see all the colors and shadows in detail.

Rich Sound

Surround yourself with a 3D audio experience that will enhance the gaming experience. Feel every whisper, woosh, boom, and blast of the gunfire and running through the Tempest 3D Audiotech.

The headset has a built-in motor that provides vibrations that are in sync with the actions in the game.


What better way to stay in control while enjoying than using a haptic feedback control with adaptive triggers? Well, the PlayStation VR2 brings you a sense controller with these features. The ergonomic controller allows finger touch detection and precision tracking in a comfortable grip. Experience all the vibrations and responses from gaming that enhance gaming. Feel every action you undertake in the game over the adaptive triggers on the controllers that detect every movement. Point, grab, and move objects just like in the real world.

Setup and Connectivity

Get straight into the action with a simple USB cable connection to your PS5. This means you must have a PS5 console to play. The console automatically detects the VR set and prompts you to set it up over the simple PS5 interface.

The presence of an audio jack means you can use your headphones or earphones to enjoy the immersive 3D sound

Pros and Cons of the PlayStation VR2


  • Very light and comfortable
  • Features dual sense controllers with haptic feedback, touch detection, and adaptive triggers
  • Impressive performance features
  • Amazing graphics and audio
  • Wide range of games in the library
  • Powerful eye-tracking technology


  • Not compatible with PlayStation VR games
  • Costly
  • One must have a PS5 Console to play


  • VR2 Headset
  • 2 Sense controllers with attached straps
  • USB Cable
  • 3 Pairs of earpieces
  • Documentations


If you are a PS5 owner looking for a virtual reality set that will complement your tastes and give you great experiences, then the VR2 is what you need. Explore limitless possibilities and conquer worlds using the technology engineered in the VR set. Incredible graphics, sound, and control will leave you smiling.

Alternative Devices

  • Meta Quest 2
  • HP Reverb G2
  • HTC Vive Pro 2 Headset




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