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Meta Quest 3

Meta Quest 3  Specifications in Kenya

  • Type: Virtual Reality Headset
  • RAM: 8GB
  • Internal Storage: 128GB, 512GB
  • Weight: 515g
  • Resolution per eye: 2064 x 2208 pixels
  • Refresh Rate: up to 120Hz
  • Chipset: Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2
  • Controllers:  TruTouch Feedback
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.2, wi-Fi6e
  • Audio: Built-in spatial Audio
  • Motion Detection: 6DOF

Original price was: KSh 97,000.00.Current price is: KSh 91,800.00.


Meta Quest 3 in Kenya

Meta Quest 3 price in Kenya is Ksh. 91,800. This virtual reality headset, launched in October 2023 is an upgrade of Meta Quest 2, bringing you better features for your entertainment. There is something for everyone with over 500 titles in the library with fast loading, seamless play, and ultra-realistic graphics. Quest 3 runs on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2, ensuring optimal performance for whatever task you intend. The headset is light and fits comfortably on your head thanks to the soft, elastic, adjustable straps and a compact design. There are 6 cameras: 4 for spatial tracking and 2 RGB pass-through cameras that bring color to your virtual world. You also get Meta Quest Touch plus controllers. Enjoy games, watching, and production using the Meta Quest and unlock a world of greatness. Get yours today at PhonePrice Kenya.

Meta Quest 3 Specifications

Features Specification
Brand Meta
Model Quest 3
Available October 10, 2023
Type Virtual Reality Headset
Price Ksh. 91,800
Internal Storage 128GB, 512GB
Chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2
Display 4K+ 2 LCDs with 2064×2208 pixels per eye
Refresh Rate Up to 120Hz
Dimensions 184 x 160 x 98mm
Weight 515g
Field of view Horizontal: 1100


Cameras 4 Spatial Tracking cameras

2 RGB pass-through cameras

Controllers Meta Quest Touch pus controllers

Ring free design

TruTouch Haptic feedback

Battery and Charging Battery Life: Up to 2.9 hours

Charging: USB C

Charge Time: 2 hours

Eye Tracking No
Connectivity Wi-Fi6e, Bluetooth 5.2
Compatibility Windows PC through Quest Link and Air Link
Access Features Meta Quest Library

Design and Build

Meta Quest is a light headset designed to usher you into a virtual reality world. The compact headset comprises a headband and a rounded white-gray body. The front face features four cameras, 2 in each vertical stack and an Infrared emitter in the middle stack. Other features are additional spatial tracking cameras, a pupillary distance adjustment dial, and volume buttons at the bottom edge. You get an adjustable headband with soft elastic straps that wrap around your head for stability. The slim optic design allows you to move easily and enjoy every moment.


The headset has 6 cameras that work together to provide real-life scenarios for your enjoyment. 2 front cameras help in spatial tracking, scanning your surroundings for AR content, and determining play area boundaries. The other 2 RGB pass-through cameras allow you to see color in your set environment. There are 2 additional cameras at the bottom edge for additional spatial tracking. The pass-through camera allows you to see a more natural and detailed environment. The virtual environment feels like a real world.

Motion Control

Meta Quest 3 has 2 motion Touch Plus controllers with two face buttons, a menu button, and a stick in a circular panel. You also get light and comfortable grip triggers for the middle and index fingers. The controllers also provide TruTouch haptic feedback for holistic in-experience sensations for a more realistic movement in the virtual world. The controllers rely on disposable AA batteries.


Quest 3 runs on the Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2 processor with Adreno GPU. This is a high-performance and efficient processor, enabling a powerful gaming experience. You get a 2064 x 2208 pixels picture resolution per eye, making it a clear and intuitive experience. Privacy is also assured when you encrypt data and supervise tools for family-friendly content.


Enjoy high-quality audio while in your virtual world. Meta Quest 3 allows you to blend the natural and virtual world with dazzling graphics while surrounding yourself with 3D Spatial sound. There is also a 3.5mm audio jack for headphones and other audio devices.


You get 8GB RAM with 128GB or 512G internal storage. This gives you more support for your favorite apps and ensures optimal performance. Explore more titles in the vast library available to you.


The battery supports about 3 hours of watching, 24 hours of playing games, and 1.5 hours of productivity media. Quest 3 takes about 2.5 hours to charge using the 18W power adapter and USB C cable.


You can connect your Meta Quest 3 to your PC using the Oculus app for Windows. When installed, you are ushered into a virtual space with a semicircular control panel and Quest 3’s main interface, where you can explore further. You can also have a Horizon workroom compatible with a wireless keyboard that allows a more intuitive typing experience.

The Quiet 3 allows Bluetooth and Wi-Fi6e wireless connectivity.

Pros and Cons of the Meta Quest 3


  • High-resolution pictures
  • It runs on a powerful, high-performance processor.
  • Impressive, comfortable design
  • It has color pass-through cameras that show natural surroundings.


  • Lacks eye-tracking technology
  • Not very capable battery


In the box, you will find

  • Meta Quest 3 Handsets with preinstalled standard facial interface
  • 2 Touch Plus controllers with wrist straps and 2AA Batteries
  • Charging cable
  • Power Adapter


Quest 3 is among the best for a stand-alone VR set. It has great pass-through and spatial tracking cameras for a high-resolution, colored experience when working, watching, or playing games. The design is also great, with a light, compact, and comfortable headset. Despite the lack of eye tracking, this headset is worth that price.

Alternative Devices

  • Meta Quest 2
  • HTC Vive Pro 2
  • Apple Vision Pro



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