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Samsung Galaxy Watch 6

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Features

  • Color:  Graphite, Silver, Gold
  • Screen Size: 1.5 inch, 1.3 inch
  • Storage: 16 GB
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • OS: Android Wear OS 4, One UI Watch 5
  • Processor: Exynos W930
  • Dimension:43.3 mm
  • Battery: 425 mAh, 10W wireless
  • Size: 40 mm, 44 mm

KSh 24,500.00


Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 in Kenya

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 price is Ksh 24,500 for 40mm and 44mm is Ksh 27,000. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 (44mm) is a larger display Watch with a 1.5-inch super AMOLED screen with a 480x480piels resolution compared to the 40mm with a 1.3-inch super AMOLED screen with 432x432pixels resolution. The Watch 6 comes with 425mAh (44mm) and 300mh(40mm) battery chargeable wirelessly. The Watch is light, weighing only 33.3g for the 44m and 28.7g for the 40mm. The Watch 6 comes with 2GB RAM and 16GB internal storage. The Watch 6 is Bluetooth, NFC, and GPS-enabled and can connect to Wi-Fi and a 4G network. Galaxy Watch 6 is embedded with the One UI 5 Watch operating system by Wear OS 4 and runs on an Enos W930 chipset. Some of the features that make the Watch Pro a must-have are the health tracking features like the heartbeat monitor, sleep tracker, workout tracker, and sleep coaching. The Watch is compatible with Android 10 and above devices and can be used for communication and taking photos anywhere anytime without necessarily carrying your phone around. The Watch 6 44mm comes in gold and silver colors while the Watch 6 40mm comes in Gold and Graphite colors and has customizable bands which you can change with a simple click to fit your mood and style. The Watch 6 is available at phone price.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Specs

Design and Physical Attributes

Class meets style with the Galaxy Watch 6. The Watch Pro 44mm has a large display, boosting a 1.5-inch, and the 40mm has a 1.3-inch super AMOLED with a sapphire crystal glass front. The screen has a 480×480 pixels (44mm) and 432×432 pixels(40mm) resolution and about 451ppi density. This implies that you get a clear and detailed view of the icons, images, and other features on the screen. The Watch 6 44mm weighs only 33.3g while the 40mm weighs 28.7g, making it comfortable to wear without feeling the weight.

A unique yet intriguing feature of the Watch 6 is the customizable bands. The Watch 6 allows you to change the bands as you deem fit for your mood, style, and activity. This is possible since the bands are latched onto the body and can be easily clicked to remove and replace. Customize the bands to fit your day with just a click.  The Watch has an IP68 water and dust-proof rating. This means you can go swimming and dive up to 50m without worrying. The Watch 6 44mm comes in Graphite and silver colors while the 40mm comes in Gold and Graphite colors. The design and physician appearance of the Watch 6 allow you to make a statement of class and style while providing you with a unique smartwatch experience you never imagined.

Software, Processor, and memory

The Watch 6 is embedded with one of the latest Android technologies that allow connection with Android 10 and above phones. The One UI Watch 5 OS by Android Wear OS 4 helps optimize the Watch’s functionality by managing data Processing in the Watch and allowing connection with the phone and other devices.

Additionally, the Watch 6 runs on an Exynos W930 chipset with a dual-core CPU at 1.4GHz and a Mali-G68 GPU. This ensures that the Watch operates at maximum speed, optimizing its performance and functionality to satisfy your daily needs. The Watch comes with 2GB RAM and 16GB internal memory to enable you to store useful apps and manage functions using the Watch. The Watch 6 does not have a microSD Card slot, hence a fixed memory capacity, but the available memory space allows you to do so much without worry of running out of space.


Powering the Watch 6 44mm is 425mAh, and for the 40mm, a 300mAh Li-Ion non-removable battery. The battery is charged wirelessly through Qi wireless charging. The battery has a long life, lasting 30 hours if the display is on and up to 40 hours when it is off. You can do so with such a long-lasting battery; you can do so much with the Watch before recharging.

Connectivity and Comms

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 is an ESIM-enabled device that supports 2G, 3G, and 4GD network connections. The Watch is Bluetooth 5.3 and NFC enabled, allowing you to connect to other compatible devices and share data. The Watch 6 also connects to wireless connections like Wi-Fi using Wi-Fi Direct or hotspots.


The Watch 6 allows you to navigate or find your device using the positioning features on the Watch. The Watch supports GPS, GALILEO, and BDS positioning. For instance, using GPS, you can locate your favorite restaurant, drive to a particular location, or locate another person with whom you share the connection. And you can do all this using your Watch.

Cam Controller

The Watch 6 allows you to take snaps using the cam controller on the Watch. You simply open the Camera app on the Watch, zoom in or out, pose, set a timer if you want, and take a snap. You can access these snaps on your phone too. Now that makes work easy, it is not a must that you have your phone to take pictures.

Health and Fitness Features

A key aspect of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 is the possibility of monitoring your health using your smartwatch. The Watch 6 comes with several features that enhance its functionality and offer you a unique and personalized experience. Apart from the usual sensors like the accelerometer, gyro, and compass sensors, the Watch 6 comes with additional sensors that help you keep track of your health and fitness journey.

Sleep Tracking and Coaching

Healthy and restful sleeping is a serious business for the Galax Watch 6. The Watch helps track your sleep patterns and notifies you of any irregular patterns. The Watch 6 also provides sleep coaching by helping you develop healthy sleeping patterns by planning and setting bedtime, calculating hours slept, detecting snoring, and providing you with an assessment of how you slept. With this, you can understand your sleeping better and establish strategies to ensure you have a healthy and beneficial sleep.

Heart Rate Monitor

The Watch 6 has a heartbeat monitor that tracks your heartbeat and notifies you in case of an irregular heartbeat. This helps you seek help or visit the health facility for further checkup and assessment of the situation.

Skin Temperature Monitor

The Watch 6 has a skin temperature monitor that can help you track your ovulation. This is particularly important for women who are trying to conceive as it notifies you of your fertility window. It is also helpful for people who want to track and understand their ovulation cycle. Additionally, with a temperature sensor, you can tell when the body temperature is abnormal and seek necessary attention.

Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) Sensor

The Watch 6 comes with an advanced BIA sensor to measure the amount of fat and water in the body. These readings help determine your BMI which helps determine your health status.

Fall Detection

The Watch 6 has a fall detection sensor that can sense when there is a fall or accident and contact your emergency contacts for help. This is a useful feature especially in emergency cases when you are unconscious, or you cannot help yourself.

Work out Tracker.

The Watch 6 comes with a personalized performance tracker for your workout. This tracker Provides insights into your Progress which helps you determine how far you are from achieving your goals. This includes giving you information on the distance you cover within a particular period, the calories burnt, and the time taken to complete a particular task. This is an essential feature for a person aiming to achieve certain workout goals like covering a particular distance within a particular time frame.

Making calls and Texting

Another helpful feature the Watch 6 comes with is the capability to make calls and text using the phone. Whether you are out jogging, walking, or working, you can still communicate with people and enjoy your favorite. The Watch has speakers allowing you to make calls and reply to texts. The speaker also means you can listen to music from your Watch. The Watch 6 also has natural language commands and dictation features accessible using a voice command assistant.

Samsung Wallet

Make your transactions, keep your digital IDs, and use your cards to book space or make travel arrangements from your Watch. Yes, you can do all that. The Watch 6 supports secure Samsung pay through Visa or Mastercard.

Hits and Misses


  • Large super AMOLED display
  • Natural language command
  • Customizable bands
  • 4G and ESIM network connectivity
  • High-performance Processor
  • Latest OS, One UI Watch 5
  • NFC enableIP68 Water resistant
  • Larger memory Space
  • Available speakers for calls and music
  • Heart rate and Sleep tracking monitor
  • Can take snapshots.


No microSD Card slot


The Watch 6 has an appealing look, and its usefulness supersedes its weaknesses. It is a Watch worth spending your penny on if you wish to own a smartwatch. If you are athletic or love sports and wish to track your workouts or want to keep track of your health and sleep patterns, then the Watch 6 is all you need. Go places, make calls, text, take snaps, and listen to your favorite music from your wrist. What more could you ask for?

Alternative Wearables

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  • Google Pixel Watch
  • Garmin Venu 2 Plus

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40mm, 44mm

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