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Apple Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro Features in Kenya

    • Audio and Visual: Spatial Audio and high-resolution visuals
    • Weight: 500g
    • Display: Micro-OLED, 4K per eye
    • Camera: Apple 3D main camera system
    • OS: VisionOS
    • Connectivity and wireless: Wi‑Fi 6 (802.11ax), Bluetooth 5.3
    • Chipset: M2 chip, R1 chip
    • RAM: 16GB
    • Internal Storage: 256GB / 512GB / 1TB
    • Refresh rate: 90Hz, 96Hz, 100Hz
    • Lenses: Custom catadioptric lenses and ZEISS Optical Inserts
    • Controllers: Hand, eye, and face tracking

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Apple Vision Pro in Kenya

The Apple Vision Pro price in Kenya is Ksh 502,o00. This amazing multiple-reality headset combines augmented and virtual realities to give you a unique headset that lets you create and enjoy immersive environments with 3D spatial audio. The Vision Pro operates within the VisionOS ecosystem that allows you to explore endless possibilities with eye and gesture tracking and an efficient high-performance experience. The headset fits comfortably around your eyes, blocking out stray light and allowing you a great visual experience over the 4k micro OLED displays that combine millions of pixels in each eye. The Vision Pro has 3D cameras that allow you to take and relieve moments. Your data privacy and security are assured by the Optic ID technology that uses your iris as an ID. Enjoy up to 2 hours of immersive experience thanks to the external battery. You can connect your headset with your headphones via the USB C cable for a personalized audio experience. Gey the Apple Vision Pro today at Phone Price Kenya

Apple Vision Pro Specifications


Brand Apple
Model Vision Pro
Type Mixed Reality Headset, VR and AR headset
Internal Storage 256GB, 512GB, 1TB
Weight 500g
Display 3D System


23million pixels


Chipset M2 Chip high-performance Octa-core chipset

R1 chip for efficient graphics

Operating System VisionOS
Interpupillary distance 51-57mm
Camera Stereoscopic 3D camera system

18mm, f/2.0

High-definition 3D photos and videos

  • Two high-resolution main cameras
  • Six world-facing tracking cameras
  • Four eye-tracking cameras
  • TrueDepth camera
  • LiDAR Scanner
  • Four inertial measurement units (IMUs)
  • Flicker sensor

Ambient light sensor

Security Optic ID

Iris-based biometric authentication

Audio Features Spatial Audio

Audio ray tracing

H2 Ultra-low latency connection to headphones and Airpods Pro

Connectivity Wi-Fi 6 (802.11)

Bluetooth 5.3

Controls and Inputs Eyes, Hands, and Voice inputs

Accessories: Game controllers, keyboard, trackpads

Battery External rechargeable battery

USB C Charging

Up to 2 hours of general use


Apple Vision Pro combines Apple’s decades of experience in designing high-performance devices and advanced technology to create an elegant and compact headset that will take you places from the comfort of any room. At the front is a singular piece of 3D laminated glass with aluminum alloy frames that curve around the face. There is a light seal that flexes according to your face to block out stray light. The outward display reveals your eyes to enable you to know when you are using apps or are fully immersed.  This means when a person approaches, you can see them and reveal your eyes to them. The Vision Pro has a digital crown that gives you total control.

Precise Eye-Tracking

The Vision Pro has a high-performance eye-tracking system of LEDs and infrared cameras that project light patterns into each eye. This implies you do not need the controllers to accurately select elements as you can do it by simply looking at them. You can simply look at a feature, tap your finger to select, and use the virtual keyboard or dictation to type.

Highly efficient Performance

For a spatial experience, the Vision Pro has a dual-chip design, that consists of M2 and R1 chips. The M2 chip runs the Vision OS to execute advanced vision algorithms and delivers efficient graphics while the R1 chip processes inputs from cameras, mics, and sensors to ensure clear streaming for a real-time realistic lag-free view.

Apple Vision Pro features Apple’s first-ever VisionOS, an intuitive ecosystem designed for spatial computing. The OS lets you control the Vision Pro with your hands, eyes, and voice for a magical experience. Additionally, VisionOS allows you access to thousands of Apps beyond the display. You can move the screen in any direction, scale it to the right size, and do so much more.

Battery and Charging

Vision Pro is powered by an Eterna battery that lasts 2 hours on a single charge in general usage and up to 2.5 hours for video playback. The battery is charged using a wired USB-C cable. You can change the Vision Pro while watching.


You can connect your Vision Pro to the internet via Wi-Fi 6 which ensures a stable and reliable connection. This allows you to explore so much more including streaming and gaming. Additionally, you can pair the Vision Pro with compatible Bluetooth accessories like earbuds and headphones for a personalized immersive experience.

Immersive Entertainment

Transform any room into a personal theatre or expand your surroundings. Enjoy your favorite movie, TV show, or game from the comfort of your house without interrupting anyone. Expand whatever you want to watch to the perfect size and be part of the action with immersive spatial audio. The Vision Pro has more than 4K pixels for each eye, allowing you to immerse yourself in whatever you are watching. There are speakers close to the ears to deliver rich spatial sound with awareness of your surroundings.


Relive all those moments with Apple’s first 3D camera. The camera allows you to capture 3D spatial photos and videos and then relive them over the 4k display with immersive spatial audio. When looking at them, you will feel like you are back to the very moment they were taken.

Face Time

The Apple Vison Pro lets you easily collaborate and connect with other people from anywhere. The video tiles are life-sized, and the calls expand as more people join. You can also do a presentation or share documents from apps with your colleagues. Meetings, video conferences, and FaceTime have never been more intuitive than this.

Spatial Audio

The Vision Pro defines Apple’s most advanced spatial audio system. It packs dual-driver audio pods specifically placed close to the ears for a personalized surround sound experience. It also features audio ray tracing that analyzes and adapts to the surroundings giving you a sound that matches the surroundings. The Vision Pro has a USB C port that allows you to connect to your headphones and enjoy lossless audio with ultra-low latency thanks to the H2 chip.

Security and Privacy

Apple Vision Pro is dedicated to ensuring total privacy and control over your data. It is engineered on Apple privacy and security features with advanced Optic ID technology that uses your iris as an identification feature.

Pros and Cons of Apple Vision Pro


  • Offers an amazing cinematic experience for movies and gaming.
  • Allows multitasking with gestures and a virtual keyboard.
  • Augmented reality is a compelling and awesome experience.
  • Eye tracking, hand gestures, and voice inputs are intuitive and feel magical.
  • Amazing 3D photos and videos
  • You can charge while watching.
  • The VisionOS and dual M2 and R1 chipsets make it the best multi-reality headset.
  • Spatial audio experience
  • It comfortably fits and blocks our stray light.
  • Face timing and video conference is a wholesome experience via the headset


  • Very pricey
  • Does not come with controllers.
  • Cannot be used outside.
  • Works with Macs and Ios devices
  • The battery is not reliable, lasting up to 2.5hours


In the box, you will find

  • A solo Knit band or dual loop band
  • Light seal
  • Two light seal cushions
  • Apple Vision Pro cover
  • A polishing cloth
  • A battery
  • USB C charging cable
  • Power Adapter


Apple designed the Vision Pro to meet all your virtual and augmented reality requirements holistically. From the immersive 4k visuals to spatial audio and high-performance system features, the Vision Pro is impressive. Although the battery does not last very long, you can still charge it while you enjoy the immersive experience whether streaming or gaming. Let your imagination flow wild, conduct video calls and meetings on a whole different level, and perform other tasks. For people who value technology, Vision Pro will give you the experience you seek. It is worth the price.

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